MUSYCA sing on NBC's The Voice
MUSYCA Chamber Singers
MUSYCA: Believe
MUSYCA with Demi Lovato
MUSYCA, Taiko drumming, Tokyo
MUSYCA students, Spring 2018
Holiday Celebration MUSYCA Choir
Natalie Plays piano in Australia
Timeflies MUSYCA rehearsal
MUSYCA Children's Choir
Maya plays the Ukulele
MUSYCA at the Staples Center
The Choir at the Eiffel Tower
Red Carpet Interview MUSYCA
Writing in Japanese, Odawara, 2019
MUSYCA with America Ferrera at Fox Studios, Stand for Kids Gala
Burbank Chorale performance
Burbank Tree Lighting, 2010
Let It Go, MUSYCA Children Choir with Dave Koz
Back to School musyca video, MUSYCA Childrens Choir
Recording with Alan Silvestri
Natalie Records Masha and Bear
Hanging out with _AmericanAuthors drumming squad _kca Nickelodeon Kids'Choice Awards #choir #choral
MUSYCA Childrens Choir with Broadway MATILDA star, Music Director, and Choreographer USC
MUSYCA Children at Carnegie Hall
MUSYCA Children's Choir
MUSYCA sings at Operation Smile Gala
MUSYCA kicked off the Entourage-a-thon by singing the theme song, Superhero  from the movie! #entour
Recording "TheCroods"
MUSYCA singer


Choir auditions for the 2021-2022 season enrollment are being held now.   To schedule an audition click here to fill out and submit the online audition application.  Our Executive Director, Dr. Anna Krendel will contact you to schedule a vocal assessment for your child.  


At this time we are holding auditions via video submission.  

Boys and girls ages 7-18, who love music and singing are encouraged to audition to join our vocal music classes for kids.

Children ages 4-6 don't need to audition and are welcome to enroll in our KinderChoir.  To request KinderChoir registration materials email us at or call 818-554-9937.

We are looking for students who have musical potential, are passionate about singing, and are eager to learn and be a part of a great team.  No previous choir experience is needed. 

MUSYCA prepares for Joe Hisiashi Concert
MUSYCA prepares for Joe Hisiashi Concert
Camila Cabello, MUSYCA
Camila Cabello, MUSYCA

MUSYCA Children's Choir singers perform with artists Camila Cabello and Zedd on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Audi Commercial
Audi Commercial

MUSYCA Boys' Choir films Audi cars commercial on location in Northridge, CA.

Ernie Hudson, MUSYCA
Ernie Hudson, MUSYCA

MUSYCA's singers with actor Earnie Hudson (Ghostbusters) on set of the Home and Family Show, Universal Studios, Hollywood.

Demi Lovato, MUSYCA
Demi Lovato, MUSYCA

MUSYCA Children's Choir artists helped Demi Lovato to launch her Fabletics line with Kate Hudson; Beverly Hills Hotel.

Nickelodeon KCA
Nickelodeon KCA

MUSYCA Children's Choir performs at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.

Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremony

Graduating Senior recognition ceremony at the annual Spring Concert.

Fresh off The Boat
Fresh off The Boat

MUSYCA Chamber Singers on set of ABC's Fresh Off The Boat TV show in Los Angeles. (Season 4, Episode 9).

MUSYCA singers
MUSYCA singers

MUSYCA singers at the Burbank Chorale concert, California Dreaming; December 2, 2017.


Successful applicants will have the opportunity to...

  • Join one of our several children's and youth vocal ensembles, based on their age and experience.

  • Study music with our exceptional faculty, dedicated to the development of each child's artistic potential in an encouraging, supportive environment.

  • Sing outstanding choral repertoire with other talented young people, who share their passion for music and singing.

  • Learn to sing, develop their voices, gain performance skills and experience.

  • Acquire and expand musicianship and music reading skills.

  • Prepare for successful college auditions.

  • Perform with professional musicians, artists, choirs, and orchestras.

  • Record at LA's top recording studios.

  • Represent Los Angeles and the US on domestic and international tours.

  • Sing songs of various genres and styles, in many different languages.

  • Have fun singing, enjoy making music at a professional level.

  • Make new friends and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • Serve the community through charitable performances and events.

Are you homeschooling your child? MUSYCA Children's Choir is an authorized music education provider for the home school community and an approved vendor for the Sage Oak Charter School, Sky Mountain, iLEAD Schools, Excel Academy of Arts and Sciences and SCVi. 


We provide group and private voice lessons, music theory classes, recorder instruction, piano lessons, violin lessons, ukulele and guitar music classes to children and youth under the guidance of our exceptional faculty. 


We encourage students ages 4-6 to enroll in our KinderChoir training program. Elementary school, middle school, and high school students are encouraged to audition for a spot in one of our more advanced ensembles.

During COVID-19 pandemic we offer vocal and instrumental music education to children and youth via online classes, virtual activities, and performances.  While our in-person concerts have been postponed due to social distancing, we are creating and sharing virtual choir performances for the community, available online.

Our Choirs


Harmony Choir

Ages 13-18   Audition Required

Wednesdays, 5:30PM-7:30PM Online, via Zoom

Saturdays, 1:00PM-3:00PM Online, via Zoom


This advanced choir performs a varied repertoire of high quality music in unison and multi-part harmony.  The repertoire is carefully selected to benefit the young voice, with lyrics that resonate with this age group. The students learn to sing expressively with others and alone, with correct posture, breathing and voice production during group singing lessons.  Study of musicianship is included in this course.  The choir regularly performs in public, records and collaborates with recording artists, composers, performing arts groups and orchestras. Tours domestically and internationally during summers. Past performances include NBC's The Voice, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Carnegie Hall, Notre Dame de Paris, Disneyland, Staples Center, Los Angeles Opera, the Burbank Chorale, Hollywood Studio Orchestra, Symphony in the Glen. Work with composers Michael Giacchino, Jeff Kryka, Danny Bensi, Dan Romer, Alan Silvestri, Glen Ballard, Beto Hale, Nuno Malo, Arthur Rubinstein and Jamie Christopherson. Recordings with producers DJ Mustard, Malay and Mark Needham, artists Camila Cabello, Lawrence Rothman, Danny Swain , Rihanna, Raury (Capitol Records), Scooter, Good Charlotte, Newsboys (Fair Trade), Luke Christopher (RCA), Dave Koz, Danny Brown (Warp Records), Nikita Presnyakov, Alpine Universe and Princess Superstar.

Chamber Singers

Ages 16-21 Audition Required

Wednesdays, 7:30PM-8:30PM Online, via Zoom

Saturdays, 3:00PM-4:00PM Online, via Zoom


MUSYCA Chamber Choir is the advanced touring ensemble, the pinnacle of the Musical Youth of California experience. This vocal group provides the advanced training and performance opportunities for the members of the Harmony Ensemble and the Young Men's Chorus during their junior and senior years of high school, as well as for college-age students.  The singers in this ensemble are committed to achieving the highest level of musicianship and artistic expression through study and performance of choral literature for mixed voices. In addition to the regular rehearsals and performances, the ensemble participates in professional recordings, concerts. The group recently performed at the White House, appeared on NBC's TV show The Voice,  Ozzy and Jack's World Detour (A&E) and ABC's Fresh off the Boat. The group recorded the vocals for Ella Mai's hit record Easy and appears in the music video for this song.

Young Men's Chorus

Ages 14-21 Audition Required

Mondays, 6:00PM-7:00PM Online, via Zoom


The Young Men’s Chorus provides advanced vocal training and performance opportunities for the high school age students, and is designed for changed male voices.  The stylistically and culturally varied repertoire is carefully selected for this age group. This touring ensemble combines with the Harmony Choir to learn and perform choral literature for mixed voices. In addition to its regular Monday night rehearsal, the students attend a combined practice approximately once every three weeks on a pre-scheduled basis. Extra pre-concert rehearsals are required.

Melody Choir

Ages 10-14 Audition Required

Mondays, 5:00PM-5:50PM, Granada Hills

Wednesdays, 4:30PM-5:50PM, Online, via Zoom

Saturdays, 11:00-12:20, Online, via Zoom


Melody Choir is a joyful choral experience for children who love to sing.   The members of this group receive weekly instruction in Musicianship. Students learn to join their voices in unison, sing expressively, and work as a team during group voice lessons.  The students in this group perform a varied repertoire of high quality, age-appropriate music. Beginning part singing is introduced through rounds and partner songs.  The singers enjoy singing with others and alone, as they participate in fun activities and games, which instill correct posture, breathing, and voice production, while developing pitch matching and rhythmic skills, and training musical memory.  

​Junior Chorus

Ages 7-10 Audition Required

Mondays, 4:30PM-4:55PM, Granada HIlls

Wednesdays, 4:30PM-5:25PM, Online, via Zoom


Junior Chorus is an exciting choral experience for young children who love to sing.  Students in this group participate in singing and fun activities and games, which instill correct posture, breathing and vocal production, while developing pitch matching and rhythmic skills, and training musical memory.  Junior Chorus performs twice throughout the year, singing a varied repertoire of high quality, age-appropriate music.  The members of this group receive weekly instruction in musicianship through playing the Recorders.  Parents are welcome to observe the rehearsals.                                                                          


Ages 4-6 Non-auditioned

Wednesdays, 4:30PM-4:55PM Online, via Zoom

Saturdays, 9:30AM-9:55AM, Online, via Zoom


Kinderchoir is a fun beginning choral experience for young children who love to sing.  Students in this group participate in singing, musical games, pitch exploration, and rhythmic activities.  Parents are welcome to observe and participate in the rehearsals. 

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Voice Lessons for Children and Youth

Teaching children to sing beautifully is our specialty

MUSYCA choristers receive outstanding vocal instruction, as they study and perform musical repertoire consisting of high-quality, age-appropriate vocal music for young people, varied in style, time period and character; accompanied and a cappella.  


Each choral rehearsal is a singing lesson, where the children work on the following vocal performance skills:


Healthy vocal production: The children learn to use diaphragmatic breathing, which will support the tone and keep the vocal instrument strain-free and healthy. Correct sitting and standing postures will be taught and reinforced through a variety of fun, age-appropriate activities.


Breath Control for singing is taught through a variety of activities -- stretches, exercises, and analogies. The students are taught to use diaphragmatic vs. clavicular breathing for singing.


Learning the correct Pitches and Rhythms: Musicianship classes, with focus on music theory, sight reading and aural perception, are at the core of our curriculum.  The younger students learn new repertoire by rote, while rudiments of sight-singing are incorporated through use of Kodaly system.  The director and the pianist will provide the appropriate model for the children to learn the music, using creative ways to facilitate students’ learning through repetition.  


Singing with correct intonation:  The students sing major and minor scales, the whole tone and chromatic scales, identify and intonate the leading tones, as well as ascending and descending intervals.  To facilitate singing in tune, the students are provided with the rehearsal and acoustical environment conducive to healthy, free tone production.


Sing with uniform vowel sounds: The students learn to identify the correct vowel shapes through a variety of activities, and apply this knowledge to singing the repertoire.


Diction: The students are taught to understand and communicate the meaning of the text in the repertoire. Repertoire of songs in English and in foreign languages is studied each season.  Through a variety of activities the singers will understand function of vowels as carriers of sound, and the consonants as articulators.  The director will model clear singer’s diction for the choir.  Native speakers and experts, when available, will be called upon to present foreign language texts to the children. 


Precision: Students learn to internalize the rhythmic motion of the music by using subdivision and finding the smallest possible units of beat.  How to start and end the piece together with the ensemble will be taught. The students will be taught to understand the conducting gestures, and how to follow them. The singers’ assigned placement will enable them to hear each other and see the conductor.


Blend in the ensemble is achieved by unification of the vowel sounds and correct student placement within the choir. Balance in the sound of the choir will be assured by correct division of the students into appropriate vocal parts (Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto), based on the auditions.  Part placement will be re-evaluated later in the year and adjusted, if necessary.


Phrasing, Style, and Interpretation are important parts of the learning process. The choir will strive to achieve high-level authentic, artistic performances.   The singers will develop different models of the choral sound for specific historical music periods and musical styles within these periods. Collaborations with contemporary musical artists and composers and world premieres of new music are the essential components of MUSYCA experience. The children evaluate performances of their peers and other choirs through participation in festivals and friendship concerts.