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The sound of MUSYCA Tour: Vienna, Salzburg, Prague.

MUSYCA Children's Choir returned from the international performance tour to Austria and Czech Republic. The touring choir visited Vienna, Salzburg and Prague, gave concerts in these beautiful cities, so closely connected with many legendary classical composers. The children performed many concerts during the tour, and received standing ovations at such world class venues as Hous der Musik and Karlskirche in Vienna, St. Blasius Kirche in Salzburg, St. Nicholas Church and St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. It was fun to trace the places where the "Sound of Music" was filmed during our visit to Mondsee and Salzburg and take the picture on the "Do-Re-Mi" steps at the Mirabell Palace.

MUSYCA Children's Choir at Karlskirche in Vienna.

MUSYCA Kids' Choir at the Johannes Brahms memorial in Vienna, Austira

The Children's Choir performs at the Haus der Musik in Vienna, Austria.

MUSYCA's young singers at St Vitus Cathedral in Prague

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