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MUSYCA sing on NBC's The Voice
MUSYCA Chamber Singers
MUSYCA with Demi Lovato
MUSYCA, Taiko drumming, Tokyo
MUSYCA students, Spring 2018
Holiday Celebration MUSYCA Choir
Natalie Plays piano in Australia
Timeflies MUSYCA rehearsal
MUSYCA Children's Choir
Maya plays the Ukulele
MUSYCA at the Staples Center
The Choir at the Eiffel Tower
Red Carpet Interview MUSYCA
Writing in Japanese, Odawara, 2019
MUSYCA with America Ferrera at Fox Studios, Stand for Kids Gala
Burbank Chorale performance
Burbank Tree Lighting, 2010
Let It Go, MUSYCA Children Choir with Dave Koz
Back to School musyca video, MUSYCA Childrens Choir
Recording with Alan Silvestri
Natalie Records Masha and Bear
Hanging out with _AmericanAuthors drumming squad _kca Nickelodeon Kids'Choice Awards #choir #choral
MUSYCA Childrens Choir with Broadway MATILDA star, Music Director, and Choreographer USC
MUSYCA Children at Carnegie Hall
MUSYCA Children's Choir
MUSYCA sings at Operation Smile Gala
MUSYCA kicked off the Entourage-a-thon by singing the theme song, Superhero  from the movie! #entour
Recording "TheCroods"
MUSYCA singer

Our Choirs

Children's Choirs

Youth Choirs

Early Childhood Music Classes

SuperSingers (for children ages 3-4)

SuperSingers is a perfect class for young children and their parents to explore the wonders of music together and lay the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Contact us for registration information:

Call: 818-554-9937


SuperSingers is a perfect class for young children and their parents

Adult Community Chorale

Choral singing provides a wide range of benefits for people of all ages, both physically and mentally. Singing in a choir can improve breathing, posture, and overall vocal control, while also promoting a sense of community and belonging. Choral singing is also known to relieve stress, improve mental clarity and focus, and even boost mood and self-esteem. Participating in choral singing can also be a fun and engaging form of artistic expression, offering a chance to explore new music, perform in public, and connect with others who share a passion for singing. Overall, choral singing can be a rewarding and enriching experience for music lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

Sing Well. Be Heard.

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