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MUSYCA singer gets 20+ Million views on Youtube

Natalie Shtangrud in the studio, recording the songs for the animated series "Masha and the Bear"

Natalie Shtangrud, who sings Soprano 1 in MUSYCA's Harmony Ensemble, recorded several songs for the English version of the popular animation series Masha and the Bear. Natalie's vocal performance of the Sweet Tooth Song now has more than 10 Million views on Youtube! And her outstanding recording of the Song of Beauty has more than 11 million views and growing. Natalie also recorded the popular Coming Home Song and Song of the Young Artist.

The songs, featuring Natalie's voice, are available for download on the following platforms:

Congratulations, Natalie!

Натали Штангруд, солистка детского хора MUSYCA записала несколько песен для английской версии популярного анимационного сериала «Маша и медведь». Исполненная ей песня Sweet Tooth Song получила более 11 миллионов просмотров на Youtube! И ее выдающаяся запись Song of Beauty насчитывает более 12 миллионов просмотров. Натали также записала популярные песни Coming Home Song и Song of the Young Artist.

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