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Choir Audition success? Keep calm and sing on!

Girls Singing. Children's Choir Audition Tips.

Choir audition can seem stressful. However, spending a little time to prepare for it will take much of the stress away. Remember, the audition is your opportunity to be heard, to be discovered -- your moment to shine.

Pick a short selection for the audition, to be sung from memory, a cappella (without accompaniment). And practice, practice, practice.

Don’t bring a pre-recorded track to the audition. The directors are interested in hearing your voice and the recording will cover it up.

What to expect at MUSYCA Children’s Choir audition?

• Choir audition is fun, informal, and stress-free.

• The only people listening at this private audition will be MUSYCA director(s) and you.

• You will sing the prepared selection from memory, a cappella.

• You will echo a few short melodies and rhythms, and vocalize to demonstrate your vocal range.

• We will recommend a choral ensemble placement, which fits your age and vocal development.

What to sing at the audition?

• Choose a piece that you love to sing, have been singing for a while and know well.

• Any song will do. A melodic piece that shows off your voice will work best. We recommend a folk song, a musical theatre selection or an art song.

• If you don’t have a song prepared, we’ll ask you to sing a familiar tune (Happy Birthday, etc.).

• There is no minimum time requirement for a song. Usually, one verse and a chorus is enough.

Have fun and enjoy your audition!

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