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Start a Choir at Your School! Get Vocal!

Ah, sweet singing in the choir! There is no sound more beautiful than children singing, uniting their voices in song. A school choir is an important part of school life and is universally loved by the students and parents. Choir performances brings joy and beauty to the assemblies, special events, winter and spring concerts and graduations.

In addition to the cognitive benefits and academic success associated with music learning, participation in choir promotes team work, cooperation and discipline among students, boosts social skills and self esteem. Choral curriculum correlates with math, language arts, history, social studies and world cultures. Choir is a safe place for children, where everyone is welcome and all are accepted. And, most importantly, singing in the choir is FUN!

MUSYCA Children's Choir would love to create and lead a choral group at your school. Our choir director and piano accompanist will organize the choir and teach the singing and performing skills to the students, while rehearsing the varied and age-appropriate repertoire. The singing classes can be scheduled during school hours (preferred) or after school. MUSYCA provides all the teaching materials.

Ready to start a choir at your school? Call or email us for more information about our in-school music programs.

Dr. Anna Krendel, Executive Director



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