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My Washington, D.C choir trip

During the winter break I visited Washington, D.C.. The choir I'm in, MUSYCA Children's Choir got invited to sing at the White House. We had a whole tour of Washington, visited all the memorials and monuments, and visited several Smithsonian museums. On December 20th my choir started the day with the picture outside of the White House and then we were greeted by the Secret Service that was very nice and happy to hear us sing. We performed in the East Room in front of the original painting of George Washington that was saved from the fire of 1812. After the performance we got a tour of the White House and got to take pictures of all the Christmas trees and their huge gingerbread Whitehouse. After a quick lunch, we made it to our tour of the Capitol Hill and visited all the important places while the Congress was still in session. Although the weather wasn’t great, singing in the White House was one of the best opportunities ever!

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