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It's Audition Time at MUSYCA

It's Audition time at MUSYCA, as we are preparing to welcome new singers for our Spring 2024 semester. From our budding little stars to young adults, there’s a place for everyone to shine in our diverse choral groups:

1. SuperSingers (Ages 3-4): For our little stars, SuperSingers provides an introduction to the joy of music through interactive sessions designed to spark creativity.

2. KinderChoir (Ages 5-7): Young voices find their melody in KinderChoir, fostering a love for music through engaging activities and playful exploration.

3. Junior Chorus (Ages 7-10): Elementary school students step into Junior Chorus, where they explore a diverse repertoire of songsand build a strong musical foundation.

4. Melody Choir (Ages 10-14): Middle schoolers refine their vocal skills and musical knowledge in Melody Choir, delving into rewarding musical repertoire and increased performance opportunities.

5. Harmony Ensemble (Ages 13-18): High school students in Harmony Ensemble experience the thrill of harmonizing in a dynamic and supportive environment.

6. Young Men's Chorus (Ages 13-21): Tailored for changing voices, Young Men's Chorus offers a space for male vocalists to flourish and find their unique timbres.

7. Chamber Singers (Ages 16-25): Ambitious young adults audition for Chamber Singers, immersing themselves in intricate vocal arrangements and advanced musical concepts.

8. Community Chorale (Adults, 18+): Our adult choir alumni and community members find a musical home in the Community Chorale, contributing to a vibrant ensemble and continuing their musical journey.

Audition Information:

MUSYCA Children's Choir invites prospective singers to showcase their vocal talents through online video submissions. The audition process provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their musical potential, passion for singing, and eagerness to collaborate with a talented team. To schedule an audition or to find out more about the process, interested individuals, please visit

Non-Auditioned Enrollment for Younger Students:

For our youngest members, ages 3-7, there's a special invitation to enroll directly in SuperSingers or KinderChoir without the need for an audition. Parents and guardians can contact MUSYCA at or call 818-554-9937 to request registration materials.

With a diverse range of choral groups tailored for various age groups, MUSYCA provides an inclusive space for singers to explore, learn, and make music together. Whether you're a budding young talent or an adult seeking musical growth, MUSYCA offers a unique platform where voices unite, dreams take flight, and harmony resonates across generations. Visit our website, schedule your audition, and join us in creating beautiful music together this spring!

We can't wait to welcome your voice into the MUSYCA family.

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