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MUSYCA Choir Spotlight: Junior Chorus

Junior Chorus

Ages 7-10

Mondays (Granada Hills), 4:30-5:25pm

Wednesdays (West Hills), 4:30-5:25pm

In-Person or Online, via Zoom


Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud, artistic director

Dr. Anna Krendel, pianist

MUSYCA's Junior Chorus is an exhilarating choral program designed for young children who possess a deep love for singing and a desire to explore the wonders of music! Our mission is to provide a nurturing and joyful environment where students can cultivate their vocal talents, develop essential musical skills, and build lifelong friendships through the power of music.

Key highlights of our Junior Chorus program:

Vocal Technique and Musicianship: Our experienced instructors are dedicated to instilling proper vocal techniques from the very beginning. Students learn about correct posture, breath control, and vocal production, ensuring the development of healthy and resonant singing voices. Moreover, our curriculum focuses on nurturing musicianship skills, including pitch matching, rhythmic accuracy, and musical memory, enabling students to become well-rounded musicians.

Engaging Activities: Learning at Junior Chorus is all about fun and excitement! Through a variety of engaging activities and games, students actively participate in the learning process while embracing the joy of making music together. These dynamic exercises not only enhance musical abilities but also promote teamwork and self-confidence.

Performance Opportunities: Twice a year, our Junior Chorus members have the chance to showcase their musical achievements in captivating performances. These concerts are the culmination of their hard work and dedication, offering a platform for students to shine and share their passion for singing with their families and friends.

Diverse and High-Quality Repertoire: We take pride in curating a diverse repertoire of age-appropriate music that inspires and captivates our young singers. From traditional choral pieces to modern favorites, each song is carefully selected to foster a deep appreciation for different musical styles and genres.

Musicianship: Our musicianship program introduces students to the fundamentals of music theory in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for young learners. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, students delve into the building blocks of music, learning about rhythm, melody, harmony, scales, and more. This understanding not only enhances their performance abilities but also empowers them to read and interpret sheet music with confidence.

Inclusive and Supportive Community: At Junior Chorus, we believe that music is a powerful medium that brings people together. Our program fosters an inclusive and supportive community where every child feels valued and encouraged to express themselves authentically. Lifelong friendships often blossom as students collaborate and create beautiful music together.

Join us at MUSYCA Junior Chorus, where children will embark on an unforgettable musical journey filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of singing. Our program is designed to nurture their musical potential while fostering a deep love for the art of singing. Their voices soar as they discover the endless possibilities that music has to offer. Together, our students learn, play, harmonize, perform, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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