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MUSYCA Choir Spotlight: Kinderchoir

Ages 5-7

Monday (Granada Hills), 4:30-5:15pm

Wednesdays (West Hills), 4:30-5:15pm



Ms. Grace Doyle, Kinderchoir director

Dr. Anna Krendel, pianist

To request Kinderchoir registration materials, email us at or call 818-554-9937.

Welcome to Kinderchoir, a delightful and engaging choral program specially designed for young children who have a passion for singing! Our goal is to provide a fun and supportive environment where students can explore their musical talents, develop their voices, and foster a lifelong love for music.

At MUSYCA, we believe that every child is inherently musical and deserves the opportunity to express themselves through the power of song. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to nurture their natural inclination towards music while instilling essential skills and knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Key features of our Kinderchoir program:

Fun and Interactive Learning: Learning through play is at the heart of our approach. Students engage in exciting musical games and activities that make learning enjoyable and inspiring. Through these activities, children will not only enhance their vocal abilities but also improve their listening, concentration, and teamwork skills.

Pitch Exploration: We understand that young voices are unique and are still developing. Our program focuses on pitch exploration, helping students explore and expand their vocal range while building confidence in their singing abilities.

Rhythmic Activities: Rhythm forms the foundation of music, and our rhythmic activities are designed to develop a strong sense of timing and coordination. Children will have a blast while clapping, tapping, and moving to the beat.

Engaging and Diverse Repertoire: Our young singers perform a diverse range of songs from various cultures and musical styles. The repertoire is carefully selected to captivate the imaginations of our young learners while nurturing their musical growth.

Performance Opportunities: Throughout the year, our Kinderchoir students have the chance to showcase their hard work and progress in performances. These events provide a platform for the children to build self-confidence and pride in their achievements.

Nurturing Musicality: We believe that music is not just about hitting the right notes but expressing emotions and connecting with others through song. Our teachers encourage students to embrace their individual musicality, fostering a sense of creativity and artistic expression.

Qualified and Caring Instructors: MUSYCA's experienced music educators are passionate about working with young children and understand their unique learning needs. Our faculty team creates a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere where each child feels valued and supported on their musical journey.

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