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MUSYCA Shines at AEW Full Gear Christian Cage Event

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

"Christian Cage, AEW’s patriarch, had a children’s choir sing his song and it was a magnificent entrance." (Forbes Magazine)

What a night to remember! MUSYCA Children's Choir took the stage by storm at the AEW Full Gear professional wrestling event held at the iconic Kia Forum in Los Angeles on November 18, 2023. MUSYCA's young talents lit up the stage, singing the epic theme of the remarkable AEW TNT Champion, Christian Cage, and serenading the enthusiastic AEW universe with their enchanting voices.

The sold-out Kia Forum transformed into a haven of energy and excitement for the annual championship as MUSYCA Children's Choir singers took the spotlight. Their performance resonated with the audience, creating a magical atmosphere that perfectly complemented the high-octane professional wrestling event. The cheers and applause echoed the undeniable connection between music and the passion of the AEW fanbase.

A sincere thank you goes out to the outstanding AEW team and the phenomenal Christian Cage. The professionalism and warmth backstage made the collaboration seamless and enjoyable, adding to the overall magic of the night.

Stay tuned for more musical adventures from MUSYCA Children's Choir as we continue to spread the joy of music to audiences worldwide. 🎶🌟

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