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Dr. Shtangrud featured in BBC story about The Children's Choir of the USSR

MUSYCA's artistic director, Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud, was invited to go to Russia to be interviewed by BBC's Monica Whitlock for her documentary "The Songs of Comrade Time", which tells the story of the Big Children's Choir of the state Radio and TV in the former Soviet Union.

Listen to the podcast of the show below or read "What became of the Soviet Union's child stars?".

"The Children's Choir of the USSR sang to their leaders, they sang to their people, and through their songs projected a bright, happy dream of the Soviet Union to the furthest reaches of the Red Empire. Then, in 1991, the world they had sung about ceased to exist and the Soviet Union passed into memory. Monica Whitlock goes in search of The Children's Choir of the USSR."

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