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MUSYCA And Franklin Jonas perform "Hoboken" Live

MUSYCA Children's Choir recently joined Franklin Jonas in a live performance of his newly released song, "Hoboken." You can watch the video of the performance below.

Franklin, a gifted singer-songwriter, actor, and a star of ABC's "Claim to Fame,"which he co-hosts with his brother Kevin Jonas, joined forces with MUSYCA Children's Choir singers for a stunning acoustic rendition of his new song "Hoboken". The performance, accompanied by Jonas' producer Charlie Brand on guitar and Allie Stamler on violin, took place at the House of Secrets comic book store in Burbank, California.

The performance celebrated the upcoming release of Franklin Jonas' debut EP, Sewer Rat, set for release June 21 on Pizzaslime Records. The beautiful voices of MUSYCA Children's Choir will be featured on several songs on the EP, in addition to the previously released "Hoboken".

MUSYCA Children's Choir, based in Los Angeles, California, is known for its exceptional performances across a diverse range of musical styles. With their dedication, talent, and passion for music, MUSYCA singers inspire millions of people worldwide through their performances, recordings, collaborations, and outreach initiatives. Comprised of young vocalists between the ages of 2 and 18, the choir has earned accolades for their collaborations with esteemed artists from various genres, both in the recording studio and on stage.

The project was coordinated by Dr. Anna Krendel; the choir conducted by Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud.

"Hoboken" by Franklin Jonas


Franklin Jonas

MUSYCA Children's Choir

Charlie Brand, guitar

Allie Stamler, violin

Live performance (fragment) at House of Secrets comic book store.

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