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LA Parent magazine features MUSYCA

MUSYCA Children's Choir is featured in the latest issue of LA Parent Magazine. Our choir directors, Dr. Shtangrud and Dr. Krendel, as well as MUSYCA parents were interviewed for the article, "Sing a Song," dedicated to to benefits of singing and especially choral singing and group voice lessons for children. Below are some highlights from the article.

"Besides being fun, singing reduces stress, improves posture, keeps us mentally alert and increases self-confidence. 'Music makes you human, feel emotion and makes you discover your soul,' says Krendel, whose two daughters sing with MUSYCA. In addition, children who sing tend to excel academically and in their extracurricular activities. 'Singing is the ultimate team activity,' says Shtangrud."

"At just age 6, Junior Chorus member Arden Reno is already a seasoned performer. "She's done four performances and is learning to read music,' says her mom, Audra Camacho, adding that her daughter is working on a YouTube variety show video, The Arden Show."

"Performing with MUSYCA's Melody group has given Alexa Pinn, 9, confidence, says her grandmother, Lori Pinn. 'She was shy when she wanted to participate in everything,' says Pinn."

"At MUSYCA, Shtangrud introduces students to a repertoire of music that includes folk songs from all over the world. 'It's culture, history, part of who we are,' says Shtangrud. The content of the songs is also key. 'It's important to find music that resonates with kids. The message should be something wonderful about life,' Shtangrud says."

"MUSYCA students have performed in France, Austria, and the Czech Republic, recorded in studios with international artists and appeared on TV. 'How many kids can say that they performed at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards?' asks Krendel."

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