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Amazing Adventures!

Singing, from classical repertoire to the Beatles, show tunes to Christmas Carols, has inspired my daughter to reach new heights and experience things she could have only imagined. From the stage of Microsoft Theater and Disney Hall, to the East Room of the White House and the sound stage of NBC’s The Voice, these amazing adventures seemed like a dream for a 10-year old girl, a storybook fable that happened in real life. My daughter, Jacqueline Cassidy, has had the good fortune to live this impossible dream with MUSYCA Children’s Choir. Under the direction of Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud and Dr. Anna Krendel, Jacqueline sings in harmony with her choir friends to allow their love of music to enrich the life of people around them. Jacqueline has gained self-worth when she sang in the benefit concert to raise money for children’s education in Ghana; self-confidence when she walked into The Disney Hall for the first time as an artist; and self-assurance when she stepped on the stage of The Voice with Jennifer Hudson. The first-class music education Jacqueline receives not only teaches her to read notes and sing in harmony, it teaches her to appreciate the infinite possibilities that the power of music affords her.

Yenshun Hsieh Jacqueline's mom

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