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Singing Lessons for Kids

What is the best way for a child to learn how to sing? Join the choir!

The choir is the best environment for a child to grow as a singer. That's because the singing skills, like breathing, phonation and resonance; the musicianship skills (listening, singing on pitch, reading music) and of course the art of vocal performance itself (diction, emotional content, acting) are practiced and internalized by children better in a group setting. The choir serves as a built-in audience and support group for students, where each rehearsal is an exciting master class in singing, music making and team work.

The choral repertoire, typically used for teaching singing in the group setting, is created or arranged especially for children's voices and fits the vocal ranges of the singers. The choral composers use high quality poetry -- inspiring, meaningful and age-appropriate. The singers study a great variety of music from different time periods, in many different languages.

What can be more joyful than singing with friends? Singing with friends in front of large and appreciative audiences in some of the most spectacular places on Earth. Performing a cappella or accompanied by piano, orchestras or bands. Recording new music in the studio and collaborating with other artists. Appearing on Television and in Film. Helping others though outreach and charitable performances.

What's most important, singing in the choir is SO MUCH FUN!

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