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C U When U Get There by Coolio, Featuring MUSYCA Children's Choir and Pachelbel's Canon

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

MUSYCA Children's Choir is featured in "C U When U Get There" - a beautiful rendition of the classic song by the late rapper Coolio.

Did you know that this song is built on the chord progression of "Canon in D" by Johann Pachelbel (1653 – 1706)?

A perennial wedding favorite, Pachelbel’s Canon sounds as if it was specially written to set a perfect tone for a wedding ceremony processional. It begins with a simple theme in the bass, marking a slow walking tempo, accompanied by harpsichord and pizzicato strings. Then the strings add their bows, and little by little, more and more melodies appear, adding beauty and complexity to the procession as it builds toward a blissful crescendo. A timeless, perfect moment.

Pachelbel’s Canon has inspired many popular songwriters, who adapted its noble 8-chord harmonic progression (D A b f# G D G A) to create their own compositions. The Canon’s repeating pattern can serve as a music “sample” that provides the structure and thematic inspiration to create multiple melodic variations on the given theme. It is the “music sequencer” of the Baroque period!

Here are some popular songs that pay homage to Pachelbel and his masterpiece:

Maroon 5 - Memories

Vitamin C- Graduation (Friends Forever)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon

You can hire MUSYCA Children's Choir for your event, recording, or performance. To book our magical singers please contact MUSYCA staff at or call 818-554-9937.

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