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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from MUSYCA Children's Choir! Enjoy this amazing Thanksgiving musical, featuring MUSYCA's talented singing actors.

Produced by Funny or Die in 2013.

Ms. Flannagan: Betsy Sodaro Orphans: Fiona Perry, Leighton Saxby, Zsanae Spinks, Julia Timmons, Dorothy Vassantachant, Colin Schmaltz, Natalie Shtangrud, Joshua Jones & Maya Shtangrud Director - Andy Maxwell Writer - Jack Allison Lyrics – Chris Poole Producer - Jason Carden Production Coordinator - Sean Dacanay DP - Brian Lane Gaffer - David Cronin Swing - Adam Lee Grip - Andrew Crighton Composer - Greg Nicolett Choreographer - Chris Downey-Asher Production Designer - Tricia Roberston Art Director - Mike Robertson Art - Micah Embry & Justin Wilmott Wardrobe - Kelly Walker Hair/MU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz & Jen Osborne Sound – Kayla Croft for BoTown Sound PA - Ben Parks MUSYCA Children's Choir: Dr. Anna Krendel, Executive Director Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud, Artistic Director

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