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Is Singing a Skill that Can Be Learned? (Yes!)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Have you ever wondered whether singers are born with natural talent or can their abilities be developed and improved over time?

While genetics can play a role in determining certain aspects of a singer's voice, the truth is that singing is a skill that is developed and improved with practice and training.

In order to learn how to sing, the first step is simply to start singing. There are many different ways to get going, including taking private or group singing lessons, joining a choir, or just singing along with your favorite songs.

Ear training, vocal coordination, proper breathing techniques, posture, and diction are all important factors that contribute to a singer's overall sound quality. With consistent practice and feedback from a trained vocal instructor, singers can improve their skills in these areas, resulting in a more polished and professional sound.

How do you get better at singing? Sing as much as possible. Remember this classic joke: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!" Singers who practice regularly and receive feedback from a qualified voice teacher or vocal coach are more likely to see improvement in their vocal range, pitch, power, control, and overall quality of singing. Singing is like any other skill; the more you practice, the better you get.

It is also important for singers to gain as much performance experience as possible to develop confidence and ease on stage. Whether it's singing in front of a small group of friends or performing with your choir on a big stage in front of a large audience, the more experience a singer has performing in front of others, the more comfortable and confident they will become. In addition to building confidence, performing live also allows singers to hone their stage presence and develop a rapport with their audience. This includes learning how to engage with the audience, deliver an emotional performance, and handle unexpected situations such as technical difficulties or mistakes.

Singers are not just born with talent - singing is a skill that can be developed and improved over time with competent instruction and consistent practice. So if you're passionate about singing, you will be motivated to put in the necessary time and effort to develop your singing abilities to their fullest potential and achieve your goals as a singer.

If you're interested in exploring the world of singing and sharpening your skills, don't hesitate to reach out to us at MUSYCA - we'd love to help you on your journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced singer, MUSYCA offers a welcoming and supportive environment to help you grow as a musician - contact us today to learn more!

Sing Well. Be Heard.

About the Author

Dr. Mikhail Shtangrud is a choral conductor, educator, and Artistic Director and Founder of MUSYCA Children's Choir. He is also the Artistic Director of the Burbank Chorale. Dr. Shtangrud has coached singers and led choirs on numerous hit music records, including Grammy-nominated albums. He served on the faculties at the University of Southern California and Colburn School and taught vocal and instrumental music in a variety of educational environments in both school and community settings. Dr. Shtangrud studied choral conducting at Tchaikovsky Academic Music College at the Moscow State Conservatory and earned a Master's degree in Vocal Performance (California State University, Northridge) and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Music Education (University of Southern California).

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