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MUSYCA Children's Choir Joins Forces with Franklin Jonas

Franklin Jonas with MUSYCA's directors, Dr. Anna and Dr. Misha

MUSYCA Children's Choir has recently embarked on a thrilling new project, collaborating with the multitalented artist, actor, singer, and host of ABC's TV show "Claim to Fame," Franklin Jonas. Our magical young singers had the incredible opportunity to lend their voices to several amazing new songs on Franklin's upcoming debut album.

In the recording studio, with the guidance of producer Charlie Brand and under the coordination of MUSYCA's founder and director, Dr. Anna Krendel, and artistic director, Dr. Misha Shtangrud, our singers brought the youngest Jonas brother's artistic vision to life in a truly impressive way.

But the collaboration didn't end there! MUSYCA had the chance to work alongside Franklin in filming a music video for one of the songs from the album. The video promises to be a visual masterpiece, with MUSYCA's talented children bringing their own unique magic to the mix alongside Franklin's captivating performance.

Working with a professional artist like Franklin Jonas and being part of a music video shoot was an extraordinary experience for MUSYCA students. They gleaned insight into the music industry and gained a greater appreciation for the creative process, received valuable experience in performing and recording, and learned about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a music video, from staging to lighting, sound, and camera work.

We can't wait to share more updates on this exciting collaboration and the release dates of Franklin's upcoming album. Stay tuned for more magical music from MUSYCA Children's Choir!

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