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Best Singing Lessons for Children and Youth

Auditions for all MUSYCA Children's and Youth Choirs are being held now via video submissions.  

Boys and girls ages 7-18, who love music and singing are encouraged to audition.  No prior choral experience is necessary to join our vocal classes.

Audition is not required for kids ages 4-6, who are welcome to enroll in our Kinderchoir.

  • Join us for the exciting new year of music making, filled with beautiful singing, friendships, fun learning and performance opportunities, once in a lifetime experiences and tours.

  • Be part of our magical singing team, share your talents and your passion with audiences locally, nationally and around the world through concerts, recordings and TV appearances.

  • Make a difference in your community by supporting important youth causes and charities. This will be a time of joy, discovery, fulfillment and personal growth!

MUSYCA specializes in teaching the Bel Canto (beautiful singing) vocal technique.  Enroll in our group voice lessons for children’s and youth to train your voice, develop your singing, recording, and performance techniques, learn to sing in many different musical styles (classical, opera, musical theater, popular music, a cappella) in many languages, while maintaining healthy vocal production.  

MUSYCA Children's Choir is known for preparing outstanding singers, choirs, and soloists for film score sessions, TV shows, popular music albums, commercials, studio music recording, and high-profile performance opportunities in Hollywood and beyond.

Our dedicated faculty expertly prepares students for their college auditions, as well as professional engagements and vocal competitions.

Online music classes and private voice lessons are available during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sing Well and Be Heard!

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