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"THE GHOST SHIP" Composer Don Besig: Thank You for the Excellent Virtual Choir Performance

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We'd like to share with you a wonderful surprise email from Don Besig, one of the composers of "The Ghost Ship" performed by MUSYCA's Melody Choir:

"I just finished watching the charming YouTube video of “The Ghost Ship” performed by some students from your program and wanted to thank you and these talented youngsters for the excellent virtual choir performance. Their singing was wonderfully natural and expressive. It was great to see them enjoying the song and conveying the spirit both musically and visually. I must say it brought more than just a bit of a smile to my face! I looked through the MUSYCA website and read about the exciting programs you and your colleagues are providing for young singers in the San Fernando Valley. You certainly seem to have discovered the right balance to keep the students motivationally inspired as they improve their skills and experience performance opportunities. My best wishes to you and them - and my thanks for selecting this little song to be a part of your program."

Thank you, Don! We love teaching "The Ghost Ship" and the kids love singing it! It brought many happy music-making moments for us during this difficult year. It is just a fantastic piece, one of our choir's favorites, and we will be returning to it many times in the future.

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