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MUSYCA performs at Belmont Village Senior Home

MUSYCA Children's Choir performed at Belmont Village Senior home in Encino. This concert was part of the choir's NAYA program, which presents intergenerational activities for seniors. The performers and the residents were very moved by the event. The audience members even sang along with some of the choir's repertoire, which included song selections from the Sound of Music, Phantom of the Opera, Sweet Charity and Rent, classical music masterpieces and folk songs.

NAYA (Nurturing Association of Young Artists) is the brainchild of Natalie Shtangrud, the founding member of MUSYCA. She sings with the Harmony Ensemble and the Chamber Singers.

Natalie started the NAYA outreach program in order to improve the quality of life for senior citizens through artistic interactions with youth. She hopes that the program will bridge the generational gap by providing experiences and entertainment for the elderly as well as bring joy and sense of belonging for all participants through the arts and companionship.

Loneliness in seniors is a major cause of depression, causes high blood pressure, and could lead to the onset of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Loneliness has severe consequences, even in an institutional setting and thus must receive a greater level of attention and action, especially in nursing homes. "This is why we started the Nurturing Association of Young Artists (NAYA)," says Natalie. "Through artistic performances and other activities, NAYA’s talented young volunteers provide companionship to the elderly, while themselves benefiting from their stories and lessons."

To find our more about NAYA and to book a performance please visit

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